Province of Guernsey & Alderney 2018
Welcome to the Museum webpage. Brethren   tirelessly   research   and   produce   a   variety of      material,      either      for      lectures      locally, presentations   off   island   or   informative   displays   at the temple here in Guernsey. There   are   a   significant   number   of   artefacts   which are   displayed   for   a   particular   theme,   which   are frequently    revised    to    produce    a    never    ending display of interesting information. The   list   on   the   right   is   a   very   small   sample   of some of the posters which have been on display. If   you   have   any   masonic   papers   or   merchandise and   would   like   to   donate   it,   please   do   not   hesitate to contact us.
In   2006,   Brother   Michael   Beacham   was   elected   Lodge   Fidelis’   representative   on   the   Guernsey   &   Alderney   Provincial   Museum   and   Library   Committee.   He commenced,   with   W.Bro.   John   Prout,   a   major   research   project   concerning   historic   Lodge   membership,   and   two   groups   of   foreign   Masonic   visitors   arriving   in Guernsey in the early years of the 19 th  Century proved of particular interest. The   first,   the   Fourth   Garrison   Battalion   of   Irish   troops,   created   three   Masonic   Lodges   -   two   under   the   English   Constitution   and   one   under   the   Grand   Lodge   of Ireland.   They   also   worked   Royal   Arch   and   a   number   of   side   degrees   including   Knights   Templar.   The   membership   of   these   lodges   were   predominantly   Non Commissioned Officers. The   second   were   members   of   the   Duke   of   Brunswick’s   Free   Corps.   This   was   made   up   of   officers   and   men   dispossessed   by   Napoleon’s   advances   in   Europe. Following   the   defeat   of   Austria   they   were   forced   out   of   Germany   and   following   negotiation   with   King   George   3 rd ,   they   were   sent   to   Guernsey.   Although   they stayed   little   longer   than   a   year,   Lt.   General   Sir   John   Doyle,   Lt.   Governor,   Commander   in   Chief   and   Provincial   Grand   Master   encouraged   the   officers   to   join   two existing lodges. They went on to fight with Wellington in the Peninsula. Bro.   Beacham   wrote   up   these   histories   in   a   paper   which   he   was   encouraged   to   submit   to   the   Quatuor   Coronati   Masonic   Research    Lodges’   international conference being held at Queens College, Cambridge in September 2016 to commemorate the Tercentenary of Grand Lodge .